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SmartTend offers the Colorado MED & CDPHE Approved Training to owners, managers and employees involved in the handling and transfer of marijuana products. Our training program, RVP Online, Course Number: RV-00022 was certified on May 23, 2019 and can be found on the Colorado Department of Revenue Enforcement Division’s List of approved providers HERE. Or you can go directly to the COLORADO Department of Revenue Enforcement Division’s list of MED Approved Responsible Vendor Program Providers to find us.

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SmartTend™ provides an interactive, chart-based admin portal and dashboard by employee that can keep you in the know. Track everything your employee does online! With your own account we will provide you with your employee’s certificate of completion, complete online training activity plus, we’ll give incredible discounts off of the regular course fee.

Access your employee’s online course activity, information and reports at any time, 24/7 from any computer, mobile device or table.

What can SmartTend do for you?

SmartTend can ensure that all owners, managers and employees receive the MED Approved Responsible Vendor Training every two years for businesses seeking the Responsible Vendor Designation.

SmartTend will maintain your training records in a format that is readily understood and available 24/7. We will also maintain the training records for three years.

Setting up your account is fast and super easy. All you have to do is email me with your name and phone number and I will contact you ASAP! EMAIL


  • Best in class functionality
  • Ability to track training with easy to use account
  • Robust, customizable notifications
  • Customizable reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed
  • Allow your managers to take ownership of their employees’ training
  • Automatic notifications of when certification expires
  • Automatically notify your employees when their certifications are expiring
  • Automatically notify managers/owners of when your employee enrolls
  • Automatically email managers/owners employee’s certificate of completion
  • Access to your employee’s complete training account
  • Access to your employee’s test scores
  • Access to your employee’s
SmartTend accounts include:
  • Email notifications of Enrollment and Completion
  • Completion Reports
  • Complete online activity
  • Time stamps of login and logout activity
  • Visual activity charts that are interactive
  • Status Reports that provides overdue and failed status
  • Custom reports

Contact Katherine Law for more information about setting up your business with a free account.

Phone: 1-888-423-4555

Email: klaw@SmartTend.com


Here are a few examples of what your account will look like:


Don’t need your own account? No problem. You can pre-order and still get discounts for your business!

1 – 9 trainings: $99.00 each
10 – 29 trainings: $89.00 each
30 – 49 trainings: $79.00 each
50 – 99 trainings: $69.00 each
100 or more trainings: $59.00 each

We provide free referral forms for you to hand out to your employees with a unique pre-paid code. For more information, contact Katherine Law at: (888) 423-4555 or email here.

Our goal is to provide affordable training to all personnel seeking designation as a “responsible vendor”.

Are you having trouble locating affordable training that fits your employee’s schedule? Or perhaps, you are looking for new resources in your area that currently are not available? We can help!

Our MED Approved Responsible Vendor Training, Course Number: RV-00022, is never cancelled, self-paced, and available 24/7.

The training is securely time locked and interactive. The training has been approved by Colorado’s MED and can be completed from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

Want to know how if your employee has completed their training? We can set you up with your own FREE account to help you track successful completion.

How It Works:

  1. Set up your FREE Admin Account
  2. Direct your personnel to your Admin Account
  3. Once trainee successfully completes the training, we email you the certificate.

In addition, we will also provide you with:

  • Enrollment Notifications
  • Completion Notifications
  • Monthly Reminders for New Employees
  • Reminders for Re-Certification
  • Maintain training records for 3 years
  • Responsible Vendor Designation Certificate

Contact Katherine Law at: (888) 423-4555 or email if you have questions.


Our training is convenient and available 24/7, allowing you to meet the state’s recommendations. RVP Online Number: RV-00022, is available in two different formats: full audio and text. You can access the training from any computer, mobile device, or tablet.

  • A fully online experience
  • Catered to your schedule
  • Super easy to use and navigate

Our training is taken securely online and available 24/7.

The Responsible Vendor Training Program covers:

Discussion concerning the health and safety concerns of marijuana use.

  • Health effects of marijuana use, including but not limited to the effects in connection with pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • The amount of time to feel impairment based on the type of marijuana or marijuana product;
  • Recognizing signs of impairment;
  • The amount of time to wait before driving after marijuana use based on the type of marijuana or marijuana product;
  • Safe storage of marijuana;
  • Responsible use and storage of marijuana;
  • Appropriate responses in the event of unintentional or over-consumption of marijuana and marijuana product, including but not limited to access to the appropriate resources provided by state and local public health authorities.

Transfers to minors.

  • Pertinent Colorado statutes, rules and regulations.

Quantity limitations on Transfers to consumers.

  • Pertinent Colorado statutes, rules and regulations.

Acceptable forms of Identification.

  • How to check identification;
  • Spotting false identification;
  • Patient Registry Cards issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and equivalent patient verification documents;
  • Provisions for confiscating fraudulent identifications; and
  • Common mistakes made in verification.

Other key state laws and rules that apply to Marijuana Businesses and their owners, managers, and employees.

  • Local and state licensing and enforcement;
  • Compliance with all Inventory Tracking System regulations;
  • Administrative and criminal liability;
  • License sanctions and court sanctions;
  • Waste handling, management, and disposal
  • Health and safety standards
  • Patrons prohibited from bringing marijuana onto licensed premises;
  • Permitted hours of sale;
  • Licensee security and surveillance requirements;
  • Permitting inspections by state and local licensing and enforcement authorities;
  • Licensee responsibility for activities occurring within licensed premises;
  • Maintenance of records;
  • Privacy issues;
  • Applicable laws and regulations concerning Transfers to patients and consumers;
  • Packaging and labeling requirements for Transfers to patients and consumers; and
  • How to access the Medical Marijuana Patient Registry website and how to sign up for the Registry’s voluntary email list.

How It Works: Our training has the tightest securities in the industry to ensure participation. The training has timers to keep participant from advancing before their time is up, Attendance Verification Codes to verify attendance, security questions must be answered, quiz questions at the end of each chapter, and a 70% or better is required on the final exam.

Setting up your account is fast and super easy. All you have to do is email me with your name and phone number and I will contact you ASAP! EMAIL

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