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No matter how busy you are you can count on SmartTend™ to give you complete freedom.
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SmartTend™ brings you the most advanced, convenient training courses available online.
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SmartTend™ Training classes are affordable, self-paced, and available 24/7, allowing you to complete the training without having to schedule time off from work or school. Online training classes are never cancelled or rescheduled. Plus you don’t have to drive for hours and miss an entire day from work!

Training classes can be accessed from any computer, mobile device, or tablet at anytime.

  • Text and Audio Courses Available
  • A fully online experience
  • Catered to your schedule
  • Super easy to use and navigate

The marijuana industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being a “responsible vendor”.

To be designated a “responsible vendor” all owners, managers, and employees involved in the handling and transfer of marijuana products (medical or retail) shall attend and successfully complete a responsible vendor program, just like this one. Once designated a “responsible vendor” all new employees involved in the handling and transfer of marijuana products must successfully complete the responsible vendor training within 90 days of hire.

Our online training is effective and convenient using the most current information in the industry. The content is also easy to use and understand so you will be able to use the information you’ve learned immediately. We are proud to offer the SmartTend Responsible Vendor Training Online.